Friday, June 23, 2017

Boston Harbor Islands

I'm heading out to Lovells Island, Boston harbor this coming week. My daughter and I will be camping there for three days. Everything we need has to go with us...water, food, shelter. Water is the big issue--1 gal per day. The Boston Harbor Islands are so close and yet so far away. I don't know why more people don't go there. Here is the last painting I did from our last visit to Lovells Island. We will be camping very close to this location...can't wait.
In December 1786, thirteen passengers and crew members escaped a sinking wreck off the northern side of the Lovells Island.
The vicious winds of a blizzard pummelled the defenseless survivors, and they all perished. Among the dead were a couple engaged to be married, found in each other’s arms behind a rock on the western side of the island, The lost couple’s tragedy led to the stone being dubbed “Lover’s Rock”.
Lovells Island is well known for numerous shipwrecks including the wreck of the alleged French treasure ship Magnifique in 1782. The island is also home to crumbling remains of gun batteries, bunkers and Fort Standish.

Just to the right, on top of the cliff is Lover's Rock. We did go around and found it. Sad because you can see Boston from there.

Seoul, Korea #2

This is a tough one for me. I'm giving it plenty of time to sort itself out.
Yes, paintings have a mind of their own. Sometimes you just follow along.

14" w x 20" h watercolor

Monday, June 5, 2017

Seoul, Korea Watercolor

A new watercolor painting started. 
My goal is to show the old and new city together.

The final image size will be about 14" w x 20" h.
My goal is to have the drawing lead you around.

Check out my DEMO links at the right for some steps on how I paint.