Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A New Direction

This painting was done for Karin Jurick's blog "Different Strokes From Different Folks."
Click Image to view larger.
Watercolor--140# Acid Free Watercolor Paper, unframed with a white mat and foam-core backing.-- Watercolor 10" h x 8" w $80


Carol Feldman said...

Lovely washes, Bill, combined with confident brushwork. Works for me!

Bill Gavin said...

Carol--Thank you. I actually painted this one outside, which I rarely do. The shadows have about 5 washes. It was getting cold and the sun was low in the sky. I'm impatient to wait for the washes to dry, so I decided to paint another at the same time..."Maine House". I liked this process and I think I will use it again for out door paintings...painting on one while the other is drying and then back again and again.