Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Girl Scout Camp, Bradford, NH

The camp is closed for the winter, but we were able to rent the lodge for a weekend to go skiing. Wood was also supplied for the fireplace. Very inexpensive and the squirrels in the walls were free
Click Image to view larger.
Watercolor--300# Acid Free Watercolor Paper, unframed with a white mat and foam-core backing.- 14" h x 22" w


Edward Burton said...

Very beautiful painting, Bill. Great composition - I love the way the road leads your eyes back to the cabin and the lake. The snow looks really cold - icy.

dominique eichi said...

Yes, I agree with Edward. I especially like the simple color choices. Beautiful

Bill Gavin said...

Edward--Thank you.

dominique-- Thanks, basically this is a 2-color painting.