Saturday, January 22, 2011

January 2011


Click on image for larger view
Watercolor 21 x 28 on Arches 140# watercolor paper
Snow doesn't mean blue gray images. It can mean the warmth of a fireplace or a feeling that you get with someone you love.


jgh said...

Wow! You're on a roll, Bill. Some nice evolution here. I like the energy in this latest painting. Also, I was intrigued with the similarity between Nude 1 and After Skiing... North End came together nicely also. It definitely feels right. Bob's son, Mark, lives in one of those 3-story walk-ups near the Monument.

Enjoying the winter wonderland? It's like I remember from Massachusetts winters back in the late '50's.

Bill Gavin said...

Thanks--Probably one too many glasses of wine. I liked your Christmas card.
As for this winter, Yes, I was saying the very thing— this is the kind of snow we had in the 50s.