Monday, February 25, 2013

Some snow fell, not too much this time...2 in. Nothing compared to the last storm...26/27 in. I don't like shoveling the drive 6 times. Oh, the benefits of living in New England. I think we got more snow when I was growing up, up to the windows, if I remember right. Maybe I'm just getting old. I don't mind shoveling, it's just when the plows come back an fill it up again!!  :) Some hot doggers seem to like plowing down the mail boxes.
I was thinking about all this snow and thought maybe I should go out and paint before the Spring. I do have to do a burn out back before it thaws. Spring is a bad time to burn. Without the leaves on the trees, the ground is exposed to the sun and can catch fire more easily. Although, the ashes are great for the garden. I want a productive garden this year and I have some plans.
Boy, did I get off the track!  :)

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