Saturday, January 17, 2009

Where did the time go?

Tom Pohlman from DSFSF has reminded me that the deadline is approaching for the Jefferson Memorial at night painting. So far I have a color scheme, shown here, and the drawing is being put on watercolor paper...plenty of time unless things don't work out as planned. Thanks Tom
I think I might document my steps in painting it as I did with the previous portrait...stay tuned.


Adrian LaRoque said...

Very nice work that you have, congratulations!

Nancy said...

I, for one, would love to see your steps in painting! Since I'm a fairly new painter, that would help me immensely. I'm so glad I found the DSFDF blog -- I learn so much from all the artists there!

Bill Gavin said...

Adrian--Thanks from a fellow MA resident. Don't lose your passion and the way you feel about all things. I believe still photography is more powerful than video.

Nancy-- Just jump in and have fun, your feelings will take over...thanks.

dominique eichi said...

I know it's your color scheme but it's looks like your tie and shirt :)

Carol Feldman said...

Bill, I came to admire your lovely watercolor of the Memorial and scrolled down to this. Really caught my eye. I thought, boy, Bill is really loosening up. Beautiful. Then I read that it was your color scheme. Oh well. I sometimes think that our swatches and try-out scrap papers are another side of us we only get to see by accident.
Thanks, also for the nice comments you have been leaving me on my site.

Bill Gavin said...

Carol :)
I posted this so I would be committed to paint the Jefferson Memorial. As it was, I ended up painting it Wednesday evening and sent it at 11:45 PM. too close!