Friday, August 14, 2009

Grand Canyon1

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Grand Canyon from the Glen Canyon Dam. The walls are 700' at this point. Watercolor--140# Acid Free Cold Press Watercolor Paper.
10" h x 13.5" w


AutumnLeaves said...

Bill, is this for the current Master's Challenge? (She is doing a western artist challenge this month.) At any rate, this is simply stunning. My jaw dropped when I opened your page. Gorgeous!

Bill Gavin said...

AutumnLeaves--Thanks. No this is from when I took a rafting trip. I remember the water was very cold.

Candy said...

This is beautiful. I love the colors. I also think it's cool that you went on a rafting trip in the Grand Canyon. We live close to it, but we haven't been there yet.

I also love your San Francisco scene - the way you simplified and the gorgeous colors.

Bill Gavin said...

This painting is a view from Glen Canyon Dam. Those walls are 700 ft. high. This rafting trip was very pleasant and smooth. It starts at the dam and goes through where Superman flew in the movie. Lunch is catered and served on one of the banks. Every turn is beautful. This was a day trip while other trips go further down the river and have camping... someday I will do that.
The North Rim is beautiful. Not many things to keep you from falling off. And, people do, all the time.

Lake Powell's boat tour was fabulous...very beautiful.

Thanks for stopping by.