Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Painting outside

To me painting outside is tough and I have to work on it. I had two days painting outside with a group from the RIWS. The first day was cloudy and cool and I almost fell into the river. Followed by a sunny day at an apple orchard and still had slow paper drying. These will have to be converted to studio paintings, Another show is coming up—"Winter Wonderland" and don't want to miss it.


Autumn Leaves said...

Love to read of what is going on in your art world, but would also love to see some of what you are working on! (Ok, that was a tad stronger than a hint, yes??? LOL) Good luck with your upcoming shows!

Eva said...

Once when I painted a water colour painting outdoors, the paint froze on the paper and created beautiful crystal patterns which even remained after drying.
I don't do this anymore.