Monday, October 5, 2009

RIWS National Juried Show

The Rhode Island Watercolor Society's National Juried Show is underway—October 4-29.
One of my painting made it into the show. Painting link click here.
Just getting over cold/flu?? I had no energy for over a week. I now feel like I can start painting again.


AutumnLeaves said...

I am glad to hear you are feeling better, Bill. Love that watercolor of the cow! I see works like this and I know my watercolors seriously lack. (Well, I know it anyway, even without seeing such well excecuted pieces like your's!) Good luck and do share if you win! Can't wait to see your next piece!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work!

Candy said...

Hi, Bill! I commented on Southern Bell on her comment page, but I wasn't sure if you would check that page. My sister and I were talking about your paintings. She and I both think your work is beautiful. I like the way you mix warm and cool colors in your shadows. I like your subjects. I hope Southern Bell gets first place in the RIWS show.

Bill Gavin said...

Thanks for your comments.
Getting into a juried show is one thing and winning something is another. :)
It seems that in shows, large paintings get more attention. Not that they lacked quality. They have more of an impact on the viewer. I'll try a larger painting for the next show.