Thursday, February 18, 2010

Picking up paintings today

Today I am taking a trip to the RIWS to pick up my paintings from the Artist Member's Show.
I forgot to write down the number of my painting that I submitted to the Flower Fantasy Show, which starts next week—Feb 21-Mar 12. The ones that got acceptrd were listed on the web by number. I could call, but it will be fun to ask when I get there. Did I say fun? Actually I believe it is one of my less labored paintings (tgp). I hope nobody buys it because a lot of people like it and I might give it as a gift??
Actually, it is hard to give a painting away. Do they like it? Are they being nice? Too much pressure—just pick one you like!
2:00 am and finished with other work. :(

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AutumnLeaves said...

Bill, your musings are wonderful. I think it is so cool that you hope to gift your painting to someone who loves it. I've always held to the belief that if you can't say something nice, do not say anything at all. In that same vein, that makes me think if a compliment is given, it is felt! 2:00 a.m. and still working? Oy!