Monday, December 21, 2009

Boston 2 or 3

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Bosrton Harbor same scene. Which one is preferred, Traditional or Stylized?
Don't be shy.


Nicole said...

They're both lovely and you're horrid to make me choose. The traditional one looks quite serene, while the other has a feeling of wind and approaching weather. If I were really nit-picky, I'd opt for the one with the looser brushwork because I prefer the boat off-centre.

Great job on both of them, though!

Autumn Leaves said...

Gosh Bill. Geez. I am truly a traditionalist and love all of your paintings in that style. That said, I've become a fast fan of your tired guy paintings too (oh...I mean stylized). LOL They are just a fabulous. I can't really choose either! I will say that the late at night stylized Bill meshes quite nicely with the traditionalist Bill though.

Bill Gavin said...

Thanks--I know the boat would be better off-center.

One painting is done with just a brush.

The other painting is started by drawing on the paper with the open tubes of paint and then using the brush. The colors come out brighter.

Maybe I can combine the two styles.

Candy said...

Of course, both are terrific, but my vote goes to the TGP. I love, love, love the colors!

Bill Gavin said...

Candy--Can I ask what TGP is?

Candy said...

I stole it from Autumn Leaves - Tired Guy Painting:) Merry Christmas!

Bill Gavin said...

More sleep...that's a thought.