Friday, December 18, 2009

A Place To Go

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Sometimes one needs a place to go.
I wish I could get the colors to be right on the web...either too dark or too light. The original has a greater range.
Watercolor 9" h x 12" w


AutumnLeaves said...

Gosh, Bill. This one sets my imagination off and running, truly. Especially considering your titling of the piece. That white streak in the bottom right of the piece looks much like a rushing passenger train to my eyes. Quite a startling juxtaposition with that house/barn in the back left side of the painting and really makes my mind run. Then the implication of hills in the distance...Just a wonderful feast for the eyes in your "I'm up past my bedtime" style that kicks in after a certain hour. Gorgeous!

Bill Gavin said...

Your so kind.
At night I do let things go. I'll put on some music and drift away. A glass or two of wine helps. Really, I do like the late hours only because the phone dosen't ring, there is no place to distractions. People can be too demanding for what they want. That's life for now.