Sunday, December 13, 2009

Swan Song

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It's too bad these beautiful birds are killed just because they are not native to the area. Most of the people living there are not native either!
This was painted on a paper that I don't think works very well for the way I paint.
Watercolor 12" h x 16" w


Autumn Leaves said...

I wish I didn't know that "they" kill these birds, Bill. I had a mini lesson in swans one day when I went with my husband to work and had the granddaughters with me. We sat out by the little pond on the hospital grounds and had a picnic and enjoyed watching the swans, the geese, and a blue heron that came by to feed. A passerby told us how to tell when the swans are angry (and you have to be careful of them then) and how the male of the couple (they had babies with them, of course) would wander over to a nearby building on the hospital grounds and peck at his reflection in the window for hours on end, thinking he was another male encroaching on his territory. Now the whole story makes me sad...I guess I shall have to keep my mind on Swan Lake for a bit to re-energize. Anyway, I love your treatment of the water! It is beautiful!

Bill Gavin said...

It is a sad thought, and it does happen in other parts of the country too.