Monday, January 11, 2010

Getting ready for a show

In 2009 I became an Artist Member of the Rhode Island Watercolor Society. This has a requirement of getting in 3 juried shows. Their New Artist show is coming up and I can hang 4 of my paintings. Now the job of picking 4 that will show a range of my work.


AutumnLeaves said...

Congratulations Bill!! Good luck in the choosing; that seems like a daunting task!

lorraine said...

I'm a watercolorist from LI, a friend of Joan S. I found your blog through her's.
What a talented artist you are and how wonderful to be accepted into the RIWS, congratulations and good luck in the upcoming show.

Bill Gavin said...

Sherry--Picking wasn't that hard, being away and sick, left me no time to do what I planned. I hope I don't relapse before Sunday.

Lorraine-- Thanks. I have never been to LI. Montauk Point was one of my navigational aids when I was in the Navy. I think it was a lighthouse. We would go through the Block Island bouys and use it to turn.