Friday, January 29, 2010

Paintings delivered

I managed to get 4 paintings delivered for the RIWS Show....very cold outside.
One that I wanted to put in didn't get framed—next time.
The show opens with a reception Sunday at the Rhode Island Watercolor Society.

Got a good tip today for carrying Framed art. Get some of that foam pipe insulation used on water pipes. It has a slit on the edge so it can be placed over existing pipes. Cut some short lengths and put it over the edges of the frame. The frames won't bump each other and can be carried in the car safely.


AutumnLeaves said...

Great tip indeed! I soon have to mail a framed painting via UPS and this is great timing! Thanks Bill! Good luck with your shows!

Candy said...

Very smart.

Have fun at the reception tomorrow.

Bill Gavin said...

Although still not feeling tip top, I had a good time. It was nice to meet some new people and hear about other opportunities. I was also asked to join their board.
As I was leaving, a man approached me outside and asked if I was the one who painted "Southern Bell", the cow painting. He said his daughter asked him which one he liked the best and that was the one. I thanked him...that made me feel better.

Candy said...

Not that I'm one to say I told you so, but... Remember I love Southern Belle!

Bill Gavin said...

Candy, I do remember. This painting got me into the National Show.
I'm sure your spelling is right, my is more like the telephone company...oh well. Thank you so much for remembering. I'll try and get a group photo posted from the show.

Candy said...

Sorry, Bill. I wasn't even paying attention to my spelling. It could be a play on words:) Southern Bell or Southern Belle - wonderful painting!